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Carers own health at the Carers workshop

Carers Own Health

Tuesday 12th of May

O’Kanes Pharmacy  is running a course for carers regarding their health and well-being. Workspace are committed to helping the community and carers play a very important part in our community. We want to help them to be aware of carers own health.

What is this workshop about?

Carers are under a great deal of pressure. They are often responsible for some of the most vulnerable members of their community. Carers UK believe that it is important that carers ‘look after their own health’. It is essential that carers are fit and healthy so that they continue to carry out their important work.  Studies in America have shown that carers are more likely to suffer from ill health than other people.

Carers and their health

This course wants to help carers become aware of their own health and their needs. Sometimes a carer is so busy caring for others that they forget to care about themselves.  That is why they are often more likely to suffer from bad health.

O’Kanes Pharmacy with their years of experience helping people with their health needs is committed to ensure that carers are healthy and remain healthy.

Among some of the issue that will be discussed will be:

  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing physical strain
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy lifestyle.

Keeping carers healthy

The workshop will offer practical advice on how carers can stay healthy or to improve their general well-being.

What you will get out of it

You will get advice and help that will keep you fit and active. Carers need to be healthier than most other people. The course will offer advice on:

  • Taking a break
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Looking after your back
  • Getting advice from your doctor
  • Dealing with stress and resentment
  • Flu Jabs
  • Depression

Have you any advice on staying healthy? Please share them at the course.

Healthy living for carers

Any carer is welcome to attend the course.

Your first step to a new healthy life is to contact us at Workspace. You can book your place here. You can also contact Helen at the Workspace Group at 028 796 28113.

Have you any ideas on the health care for carers? Come and share them with others on the course.