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Carers Project session 8 – Alternative healing therapies

The 8th session of our Draperstown Carers Project took place on Tuesday 21st April.

Pascal Benson led an interactive workshop. Pascal talked about food sensitivity, Bach Flowers, and homeopathy. He also talked about remedies and acupuncture.
The workshop included advice on how to manage a range of issues and concerns faced by people on a daily basis using Chinese medicine.

Pascal Benson has a diploma in Homeopathy, a Diploma in Kinesiology, acupuncture, and Chinese cosmetology.

Alternative healing therapies

Bach flowers


Pascal asked us to take one bottle each from his box and then he explained the benefits of each essence. I could use some of the Olive drops! It was really interesting hear about the power of the Bach Flowers.

Find out about the Guide to the remedies

You also can get them in your local chemist.

He also showed us some pressure points from acupuncture to relief pain and even some tai chi as self-defense method.

Definitely, it was an exceptional afternoon learning alternative healing techniques.

See how much fun we had. Watch our video.

Alternative healing therapies

We want to thank the carers who participate in the workshop and stay tuned for the next session of the Carers Project.