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Carers Project feedback

We are pleased with the great feedback from the carers who attended the Carers Project.

I joined the group quite late on but found the programme really enjoyable. It was useful to find out what is happening in the local community and where to go to for advice.  I would really love to be a part of the next programme.

I found the programme to be really well organised.  The pharmacist and facilitators made it really easy to understand what they were talking about and I felt comfortable asking questions.

The programme was very well run.  Everyone was catered for according to their needs.  The food, in particular, was excellent.  The tutors and pharmacist were excellent and very willing to answer any questions even though some were a bit off the beaten track. Would recommend this programme to anyone and would be very willing to take part in another carers programme. Many thanks to everyone who was involved in organising this programme. Mr D. Paul.

I liked the friendly atmosphere offered at the carers programme, the cup of tea and sandwiches that was offered at the end of each session gave a great opportunity to chat with the other carers. I especially enjoyed finding out about herbal medicines and found that the pharmacist and different facilitators were easy to talk to.  I like that it was stressed that we needed to look after ourselves and to make the most of the time we would have for ourselves. Ms B. Shiels

I think this course was excellent for carers.  It was very well organised and offered a variety of topics.  The social benefits cannot be measured. Mr K. Daly

I really enjoyed this programme as it enabled me time to myself to meet new people, learn about the services and other programmes that are out there.  Sharon the pharmacist was always on hand to inform you of all services and to answer any concerns regarding health.  It was also very well organised and I enjoyed the refreshments supplied at each session.  Looking forward to more of these sessions.  Thoroughly enjoyed them. Ms M. Scullion

I have enjoyed these classes immensely.  Very well run, friendly and the hospitality was great.

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