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Draperstown Going Green

The potential for the Draperstown area to become more self sufficient in energy usage is to be researched under an initiative involving Workspace and nine local businesses in the area. 

The study to be conducted by Queens University Belfast’s QUESTOR Centre will initially look at current energy usage by local businesses and residential users.  Following this a review will be undertaken of the potential opportunities for energy generation from a range of technology including biomass, wind, anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis to identify those technologies which could have viable applications in the local area.  Commenting on the study Adele McIvor, Workspace Corporate Services Manager said “as part of our Group strategy we want to look to see how the importing of expensive and non-sustainable energy such as oil and electricity can be reduced through the generation of energy from sustainable sources.  Implementing such projects not only means lower cost energy but can also contribute positively to the area in terms of investment opportunities and jobs”.  


Adele McIvor, the Workspace Group, Willie McKeown, Yardmaster, Laurence O’Kane Pharmacy Supplies, Jonathan Payne, Corramore and Sam McCloskey, Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy, Queens University at the Green Town Green Space launch event.