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Join #DraperstownHour

#DraperstownHour is a hashtag set up by Workspace Enterprises (@WorkspaceNI) to help local businesses to promote each other and connect. Every Thursday on Twitter 8 pm – 9 pm.



This is a Twitter-based initiative to help local business, SME and entrepreneurs to get their names in the loud world of brands. Social media is a very important method to get the message across to customers, opening business opportunities for many small businesses and entrepreneurs to network and get valuable insight into how similar enterprises are doing.

There are many other hashtags that you might want to join as well, as #MagherafeltHour, #MidulsterHour, #AntrimHour and #BelfastHour.

Find more about the #DraperstownHour in Workspace Enterprises.

To view any activity that is occurring on the forum, the user simply uses the hashtag ‘#DraperstownHour’, which will lead them to discussions between people involved. Once the user then posts a message and uses the hashtag, all other interested parties can view that message.

Joining this hashtag is the perfect way for local SMEs to practice their social media skills and encourage online networking and connecting.

Being a small business owner can be an isolating place and it is essential to have the support of like-minded people in your network.

Any interested company or individual can find out more by following Draperstown hour at @WorkspaceNI on Twitter, or use the hashtag #DraperstownHour to get involved every Thursday.