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Network Personnel unveils new website

Network Personnel has launched their shiny website!

Network PersonnelThe Workspace Group wants to celebrate with Network Personnel their new website launch. We were witnesses of the hard work behind the construction of this website and we are sure they will continue their efforts to keep it up to date.

On March the 5th, Network Personnel announced the unveiling a new website

What is all the fuss about? has a new look and sharp design, without a doubt it will be a valuable information tool for both new and existing Network Personnel customers who want to keep up-to-date with job search, skills development and business start-ups.

Aren’t there  plenty of websites out there?  The website will let Network Personnel carry out their good work. The new website will make it easier for Network Personnel to help people.

Network Personnel ‘specialise in helping unemployed individuals back to work’

There are many people out of work in Northern Ireland. According to the latest Labour Force survey, unemployment here is higher than the UK average.

Who do they help?

Network Personnel help all of those who are seeking to get back to work and are finding it hard to find a job. Maybe they don’t have the necessary skills or are lacking in confidence.  These include:

  • The unemployed
  • Those on Health benefits
  • The partners of health benefits recipients.
  • Those who face barriers returning to work.

What is so good about the website?

  • The new Network Personnel website will let the organization reach out to all those it can help.
  • It will let people know that there is help out there for them.
  • It will provide them with contacts who can give them real help- tailored to their needs
  • Above all the website will provide information on how Network Personnel provides programmes that will get people back to work.

The website and Network Personnel Services

Network Personnel offer a range of services that can help people. They all have one aim..that is to help people to become more employable so that they can get jobs that can help them and their families lead better lives.

The website will have information on the following programmes

  • Steps to Work
  • Up for Work

These all teach the unemployed or those wanting to return to work the skills they need.  Network Personnel will also provide people with real opportunities to return to work.

Pay a visit

If you want to return to work or know someone who wants to return to employment visit the new Network Personnel website.

You will find tools in Network Personnel if you are looking for employment, if you want to develop your skills or start your own business.

The website is easy to use and it’s full of information that can help you or someone you know. You can even check it out in your phone or tablet!

We would like to know your thoughts about the new website… Leave your comments here.