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The Backrow Recreation Centre Biggest Loser Challenge

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The Backrow’s ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge takes place from Monday 5th May to Saturday 28th June 2014 at the Backrow Recreation Centre.  Open to males and females of all fitness abilities (over 18s only) the challenge aims to help the 20 participants get in shape for the summer through exercise and healthy eating.

The challenge will start on Monday 5th May at 8pm when participants will be:

  • Given further information about the challenge
  • Weighed
  • Have their measurements taken (waist, legs, arms etc.)
  • BMI calculated
  • Have a before photo taken*
  • Given suggested diet plan/healthy eating plan
  • Exercise class and Saturday fitness challenge dates/times

(* the photos will be solely used to show the individual how their body has changed throughout the 8 weeks as an after photo will be taken at the end of the challenge. Consent will be sought to use the photos on our Facebook page).

The first exercise class will be on Wednesday 7th May from 8-9pm.

3 exercise classes per week – Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays from 8-9pm

These will be a mix of circuit training, boot camp and insanity style activities suitable for all fitness abilities.  For example if a participant is not able to do a full press up they will be shown how to do a less intensive press up until such times as they feel their fitness has improved to enable them to attempt a full press up.  Classes will take place either inside the Backrow Hall or outside on the 3G pitch depending on the weather and will be taken by Emmett Stewart.  Participants are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible.  Please ensure to bring water to all classes to ensure you stay hydrated.

Fitness challenge – Saturday morning

The challenge will vary week by week but will be aimed at helping participants gauge how their fitness is improving as the challenge progresses.  There will be a prize for the participant whose fitness has improved the most by the end of the challenge. Participants are encouraged to attend as many fitness challenges as possible.

Suggested diet/healthy eating plan

Our suggest diet/healthy eating plan will offer tips and guidance on what foods you should and should not be eating while taking part in the challenge.

Become the Backrow’s ‘Biggest Loser’

The participant who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight, not pounds lost, will be crowned the Backrow’s ‘Biggest Loser’ and will win their registration fee back again.

If you have any further questions contact Adele or Emma at Workspace a call on 028 7962 8113 or email

To view and download the registration form please click here.

To view and download the consent form please click here.