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Carers Project: Flower Arranging

Flower arranging

On Tuesday April 21st, Draperstown.

Carers NI believes that we all should do everything we can ‘to make things better for carers’. Workspace is proud to help carers in every way, including helping them feel better. Together with our partners Pharmacy Led we are committed to providing support to carers.
We have run a series of workshops to offer support and advice to carers. On the 21st of April, we are offering carers the chance to attend a flower arranging as an occupational therapy workshop.
Flower arranging is a form of occupational therapy that can help a carer feel mentally better and cope with the stresses and strains of life.

Flower Arranging as Occupational Therapy

Flower arranging is basically arranging flowers in a pleasing way. Countless people arrange flowers for a hobby.
Occupational therapy involves giving people a purpose and an outlet, such as flower arranging so that they can overcome any mental health challenge. Flower arranging has been proven to improve people’s mental wellbeing.

Flower Arranging – is good for you
Carers are under a great deal of pressure. Many of the 214,000 carers in Northern Ireland experience mental health issues, from anxiety to depression.
Flower arranging can help carers cope with their daily challenges and even help them overcome their mental health issues

  • Flower arranging can reduce stress in your life
  • It can take your mind off things
  • It will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction in your work
  • It can help you express your emotions
  • Flower arranging can provide you with positive experiences.

All of these can help your mental health.

Flower Arranging- meeting others.

Workspace tries to bring carers together. Flower arranging is a great way to meet others and to have a shared interest with other carers.

Come join us.

Any carer from the Draperstown area  is invited to come. They will learn flower arranging and have fun. Above all, they will learn something that will allow them to be more positive about life.
Your first step in learning flower arranging and feeling better is to contact us.

Find more about the Carers’ project here.

You can also contact Helen at the Workspace Group at 028 796 28113.

If you are interested in know more about flower arranging, watch this video.